Type Rating

A type rating is a regulating agency’s certification of an airplane pilot to fly a certain aircraft type that requires additional training beyond the scope of the initial license and aircraft class training, we offer Turbine as well as Type ratings on A320/B737 Types.

Advanced Courses we offer:

  • Air Transport Pilots licence (ATPL)
  • ATR 72 Type Rating
  • Boeing 737 Type Rating
  • C208 Type Rating
  • CAA / CASA
  • CAE A320 / Airbus Type rating
  • Cessna Type Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
  • Embraer Type Rating
  • Instructor’s Rating
  • Jeppesen Training
  • King Air Type Rating
  • Learjet Type Rating
  • Twin / Multi Engine Training
  • PC12 Type Rating
  • Pilatus Type Rating
  • Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
  • Turbine Aircraft Rating

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* All our trainings are ICAO approved

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