Don’t Let COVID-19 Turn You Upside Down

Aviator Training Academy is OPEN and accepting applications. We have implemented sanitization procedures and social distancing, in line with health and safety regulations.

About The Academy

We provide advanced training courses for pilots, so that pilots all over the world can spread their wings and further their careers.

How would you like to advance your career?

Our aviation school in South Africa is a one-stop academy for all your advanced aircraft training needs. We offer training courses in everything from CPL, through to ATPL and ATR type ratings.

People often ask us:

  • What type of planes do we have?
  • How much does it cost for advanced type rating courses?
  • How do I apply for training at the Aviator Training Academy?

We understand that you need to focus on your training and build your hours. We will help you with accommodation, transport and friendly advice.

Learn to fly more types of aircraft with us.

About The Academy

Our aim is to provide one destination for international students to be able to do a type rating for any airline.

The Advanced Training Academy was founded in 2010. In 2020, we became a sister company to Mach 1 Aviation Academy and can offer aspirational pilots a full range of facilities.

Our site at Springs Airfield is near Johannesburg. It’s ideal for training because it has an outside controlled airspace with a non-congested circuit, short taxi time to the runways and extremely short flying time to the GF ( ± 5 min).

Our facilities include a flight simulator, ground school with online exams, and accommodation.

Students tell us that it’s a great experience to learn from our team of Senior Flight Instructors. They are renowned for their professionalism and high training standards. They love being in the company of fellow aviation enthusiasts while they’re training.

Our Flight Instructors put safety first and have an AT certificate.

We’d like you to help you spread your wings. Come fly with us!

Many International Pilot Students Build Up Extra Hours in South Africa

South Africa is popular world-wide for pilot training because:

  • Licenses obtained in South Africa are highly regarded by the International Civil Aviation Organization
  • Our sunny skies and good weather give you more flying hours
  • When compared with USA and European currencies, our currency rate provides a cost benefit for many international students

Our students become part of our extended flying family. We have accommodation on-site, so you are able to focus on studying. We take care of the arrangements.

We will help you with your application and necessary documents.