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Aviator Training Academy takes great pride in the fact that we have purchased a state of the art simulator (FNPT 2) which replicates all the aircraft in the fleet as well as the Beechcraft B200 Kingair.  The Civil Aviation Authority has approved our simulator for Beechcraft B200 and 1900 series initial conversions as well as licence renewals and proficiency checks.  It is also approved for students to do the initial phase of their twin conversions and turbine conversions.  This is a cost effective accurate tool that will enhance your flying skills.  Aviator Training Academy offers a highly effective and well structured Multi-crew endorsement which is a product of the experience levels of the partners.


A smaller simulator (FNPT 1) is also available to assist initial students with procedural Instrument Flying.  This is a very cost effective method of getting to understand and practise the intricacies of Instrument Flying before getting into the aircraft.

Newly converted Kingair B200 pilots.  From left to right:  Aaron Niewenhuizen, Mark Dethian (Instructor)  and Richard Parkinson.