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Training Capabilities


Aviator Training Academy is capable of providing all the necessary requirements for:


-Private Pilot Licence

-Commercial Pilot Licence

-Airline Transport Pilot Licence   

-Instructor’s Rating

-Instrument Rating

-Night Rating

-Twin Engine Rating

-Turbine Aircraft Rating

-Multi Crew Endorsement

-Ground School Training (for all licences required)

-Computer Based Ground Lectures   

-Computer Based Mock Exams for Private, and Commercial Pilot Licence

-On line examinations for Private Pilot Licence and Instructors Licence

-Full time residential courses

-Part 121/135 Proficiency Checks


Instructors are always available to discuss any training and general questions.

Aviator Academy instructors are selected for their experience, willingness and passion for the job.  Our instruction and office staff enjoy flying as much as you will.